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"Fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory..."

Dr Henry Jones, Jr., BSc, MSc, PhD



"Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about." 

We are a talent-led independent production company specialising in comedy and drama for film & tv. We put our heart and soul into telling stories. If there's something you're passionate about, get in touch. It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Tom Gregory (Major Tom) - Writer/Producer/Space Oddity

Tom's the one in the middle, in front of the most 70s wallpaper ever. The fixed grin is a result of being flanked by the twins from The Shining.

Despite growing up wanting to be Maverick from Top Gun, he spent 13 yrs as a Police Officer, before founding Fortune & Glory Kid with the intention of putting something funny and heartfelt into the world. Tom is a humanist and his favourite colour is sky blue (he's aware this isn't a Smash Hits interview). His favourite film is Raiders of the Lost Ark and if he had to pick one Desert Island Disc it would be Oasis' Live Forever.

You can find him on twitter @MajorTomCom but don't @ him about loving Oasis.

Lance Hudspith (Sir Lancelot) - Producer/Knight of the Roundtable

Lance is the one in the foreground placing third in the 1987 beach strongman competition. He no longer wears his Speedos that high.

In a previous life, Lance was a Royal Marine Commando, an amazing feat given that his older brother showed him Jaws at such a young age he wouldn't go near the water.

These days, he is a successful entrepreneur and part-time sailor. When he's not mucking about on boats he looks after production for Fortune & Glory Kid.

His favourite film is There's Something About Mary. He appreciates the hair-styling tips.

In development...

how your garden grows

Feature Film

A coming-of-age drama about music, hope and innocence.

"1994. After the death of his hero, Kurt Cobain, naive teen musician Tommy Tangle skips his last exam to take his closest friends on a journey to Glastonbury, carrying the innocent hope that the music will live forever in his new favourite band - Oasis."

Click here for Screenplay

the vampire at the door

Supernatural TV Detective Series

London, 1946

"An author tells his Grandaughter a tall-tale on his death bed of bomb-ravaged London in 1946 and a kid with a mystery to solve. It sounds amazing until there's a knock at the door."

Click here for Series Guide

Click here for Pilot Script

when the sun goes down

TV Comedy

A tragic mockumentary about the UK's only Vampire Police Officer.

"In 2017, a documentary crew following cops on the night-shift in the West Country discovered that one lonely Police Officer had been keeping a video diary of his own without their knowledge. This is the story of PC Karl Hawksworth, vampire."

Donnie & Clyde

Feature Film

'Pride on the run...'

After confronting an anti-gay protest at their wedding, happy couple, Donald & Clyde, go on the run, determined to tie the knot before an angry mob catches up with them.

Download script here


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